Wednesday, May 30, 2012

IBSC#10 Sketch, CR84FN#55 Color Challenge

Hey everybody,

Today is my thank you day.
I would like to thank my great friends and family for being here for me always.
It is a great feeling to know that you have all these people that makes every day, a special day. Love you all.

Here is my card for these two challenges: IBSC#10 sketch, CR84FN#55 Color Challenge:

Here is my daughter's take on these challenges, please scroll down for the next post to read more about her.

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Featured Artist - Luna

Hello everyone,

Sunday night, while I was working on my card, my 7 years old daughter, Luna, joined me and worked on her card following guidelines of two challenges.

IBSC #10 sketch and CR84FN #55 color challenge.

Luna is a great artist, I'm inspired by her in so many ways. Since early age her favorite thing to do when she is back from school is arts and crafts.
Last year for her sixth birthday she got from her BFF a great set of Faber-Castell watercolor crayons and here is the first picture she drew.

This year she attends an art class and every week we are excited to see the new picture.
Here is one of my favorite ones.

I am so proud and impressed of this little girl :)



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IBSC#9 - True Friends

Inspired by this lovely picture of IBSC#9 challenge I created a True Friends cards.
I enjoyed working on this project - Love the colors, love the materials. I could probably keep playing with this couple more nights. But have to move on :)
I devote this card to all my true friends that I have been blessed with. I love you all.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

IBSC#8 - To Live Happily

Last minute card....

After a hard day at work I decided not to give up on the IBSC#8 challenge!
Although there are kids to feed and take care of, I'll better first take care of myself...

Here is the IBSC#8 Sketch:

And here is my last minute card for this week challenge:

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 I'm so thrilled. Few days ago the envelope was finally in my mailbox. Special delivery from down under. My Stamp set arrived. Yayyyy... Beautiful Ovals from Joanna - Inspired by Stamping. Luckily they arrived on perfect timing, just before my favorite friend, Anat, birthday. So her birthday is tomorrow and here is the card I made for her with lots of LOVE and excitement inspired by IBSC#7 picture ;)

HaPpY BirThDay Anat.



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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Hey everybody,
Here is my Mothers Day creation.
With lots of love and respect for all of my moms: My beloved mom that is over seas in Israel. My mother in law that is the best MIL ever and help me out with so many things all the time. My step mother in law that is great spiritual soul, I always enjoy having conversation with her and she picks the best cards that are touching deep in my heart. My last mom is my friend Ruti, without her I was lost here - she leaves down the street and just like a mom for me and grandma for my kids - cooking for us, picking up the kids from school if we can not make it, making sure I'm OK and above all LOVING us. I wouldn't have these pretty elements on my cards without her - Her studio is scrapper/crafter H-E-A-V-E-N she has thousands of thousands of flowers, laces, ribbons, fabrics, buckles, buttons and the list is very long still... and all of these items that some of them are real vintage are available at her etsy store: .

I submit this card for two fun challenges:

Inspired By Stampin IBSIC #6 sketch:


And for the combo colors challenge of CR84FN challenge #53:


As a little girl I remember my mom always being dressed nice and classic. So when I think of MOM I see a clean and neat petite lady, although I'm a mom and far from that.
This card shows this image that I have in my had since childhood. I love my mom and appreciate all what she have done for me all my life and keep doing for me even being far far away. This card with all of it's details make me feel home, reminds me my mom's warmth from a child point of view. I love you Mom! Happy mothers day!

Love this cameo and lace flower...

So happy I found this pearls embellishment at Michaels, I was hoping to find something like this that in one hand looks like pearl necklace and in the other hand has the outline of the banner in the sketch. Something that is soft and feminine and also stands out by itself.

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